Leader's Quest gezisi kapsamında Düşler Akademisi ziyareti..

Leader's Quest gezisi kapsamında Düşler Akademisi ziyareti..


Hindistan'ın büyük aile şirketlerinden birinin CEO'su Gawton'ın sahip olduğu şirketlerin CEO'larına yönelik kişisel gelişim hedefli bir gezi kapsamında Leaders’ Quest  organizasyonu ile Türkiye’ye gelen CEO’lar -  Yogesh Agarwal, Anil Bhargava, Sanjeev Chadha, Vijai Gill, Yashashree Gurjar, B Hariharan, S K Khandelwal, Manoj Malhotra, Sudhir Trehan - Düşler Akademisi’ni ziyaret etti.
Akademi ziyareti esnasında Ritim grubu öğrencilerinin şovundan oldukça etkilenen Hint’li misafirler daha sonra Ercan Tutal ve Serra Titiz’in sunumları ile sosyal girişimcilik konuları üzerine bilgi edindiler.

Organizasyon komitesinden Fields Wicker-Miurin'in teşekkür notu:

Dear Ercan and Serra,

I have just returned home to the UK (cold and wet!) and have very warm memories of our afternoon with you last week.  I am writing now to thank you for an exceptional afternoon at The Dreams Academy.

As you know, our Quests are all about ‘showing up’ in the world, being true to yourself, discovering your purpose in life, growing your capacity to lead and make a positive difference, even while already in positions of power and influence, and being a good ancestor for generations to come.  Meeting people like you helps us because you show what leadership is and you inspire us.  

You had a huge impact on everyone on Wednesday.

Most of the group had not spent much time in their lives with social entrepreneurs, people like you who have made active, positive choices to dedicate their lives to making change happen at a systemic, social level.  They came away inspired.  

In particular, Ercan, they were struck with your observation about choices – when you see something wrong that you can fix, you can either just keep talking about it, or do something.  You chose to do something.  This was really powerful to everyone.

And  Serra, your own story about how you decided to dedicate your life to strengthening your society through your work in Mikado was a great example of someone making a personal choice – to leave the family business and do something you were passionate about.

Life is all about the choices we make, who we choose to be and how we choose to be.  And passion plays a big part in this.

Thank you both for reminding us of passion and choices, and for encouraging us to ask our own questions about whether we are making the right choices to be a good ancestor.

I wish you all the very best with your new ‘home’ in Kas, Ercan, and hope I can come visit.  And I really hope to see you both again soon – you are giving so much to the world, and to those of us who spend time with you.  Thank you.

Warm personal regards,