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Vocal Workshop

 With the voice training to be given within the workshop, it is aimed to help the young people use their voices correctly and be able to apply the correct breathing and posture techniques. On proper interpretation being achieved following the basic note and solfege training, it is aimed to do a chorus study. For the students who stand out with their talent, it is planned to make demo recordings at the end of the workshop and provide support to help them get into the music industry.

Sessions and course hours

1st session (November 15 – February 28)
2nd session (March 1 – June 30)
3rd session (July 1 – October 30)

Saturday-Sunday   10:00-12:00


Using Voice
Singing Correctly
Chorus Practice
Stage Posture
Exploring Talent

Giving talented youngsters courses for correct use of voice, correct breathing & posture techniques, singing correctly and chorus practice.
To provide support for very talented individuals, if any, to take their chances in the market by making demo records at the end of the program.


Nejat Kanter

Workshop Venue

1.Levent Dilek Sabancı Parkı Beşiktaş İstanbul



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