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Inauguration of the Dreams Academy
An event to introduce the DREAMS ACADEMY project was held on Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 in Otto Santral at Santralistanbul.
An enriched program was prepared to better promote the project concept.
A day full of surprises and information sharing was enjoyed thanks to the support of many public and private organizations and individuals.

To briefly mention the actors of this special day;
* Otto Santral management dedicated the venue and all technical facilities to the service of the project free of charge despite the fact that it was one of their busiest working days.
* Chairman of Istanbul Interior Designers Association, Cenk Çakıl, had the platforms prepared for demountable ramps for wheelchairs. While the BELMO company sent a battery-operated wheelchair by cargo from Izmir. Binnur Semiz, the secretary general of TSD, brought a manual wheelchair to be used on the demountable ramp. The wheelchairs were used in the simulation demountable ramp prepared in the garden.
* Despite their busy schedule, the much loved GEVEZE devoted the Sunday to us in order for Dreams Academy to be better promoted .
* Alternative Camp past volunteers did not leave the new team alone and took on tasks with the excitement that a new project is beginning.

* The spectacular finale of the event came from Istanbul Dance Academy dancers, Didem Atasoy and Alper Özdemir, who performed a tango dance show watched with admiration by all; what’s more they were blindfolded.

* POPULARE founders came from Berlin emphasizing the international importance of the project and thus the first step was taken for the Berlin - Istanbul Bridge. Interactive performance artist, Alfred Mehnert, gave a performance with the participation of everyone with extraordinary agility using hardly any conventional instruments.

* Dreams Academy Heartfelt Ambassador and painting workshop instructor, «Barış Sarıbaş», who is a young modern painter, and esteemed artist «Sefkat İşleğen» from Izmir ran a parallel activity and made paintings and mono prints with the participation of children. These items were given away to the participants.

* AYDER and Vodafone Turkey Foundation PR agency Accord worked in unison in delivering the press organization and press promotion materials to the relevant parties and distributed the press files with a surprise (harmonica, t-shirt, special diary, and blind simulation blindfold) prepared by the Dreams Academy team.

* The Dreams Academy documentary team under the direction of Haşmet Topaloğlu, in addition to filming the entire event, recorded the reasons and excitement behind the project by conducting interviews.

* AYDER and REHA ISTANBUL volunteer and freelance photographer, Ümit Zagli, took photos of the event.

* Bilgi University cinema-TV team made special news shootings in order to convey the event to all the students and to encourage volunteering. They recorded the reasons and concept details of the project through interviews.


* Yağmur Çocuklar, the special needs education center, helped bring the participants to the venue.
Beşiktaş Municipality provided vehicles for transporting event materials to warehouses.


* Etkin promotion played a prominent role at every stage of the organization and enhanced the quality of the event and the project with their meticulous working principle. T-shirts designed by Fol & Yumurta with the title “Blind Spot” were distributed to all participants.
* Thanks to the attendance of executives from the Vodafone Turkey Foundation, UNDP and Beşiktas Municipality, corporate sponsors of DREAMS ACADEMY throughout the program on the launch day, a special start has been made.

* This participatory approach, demonstrating that corporate social responsibility projects are the best meeting point of cross-sectoral communication, also hinted that the Dreams Academy project would constitute a pioneering and exemplary model.


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