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Dreams Academy Opened Its Doors

“Open Door” Day at Dreams Academy
was held on Saturday, November 15th, 2008 in Dilek Sabancı Park.

Dreams Academy, which has been developed jointly by the Alternative Life Association (AYDER) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and realized with the financial support of the Vodafone Turkey Foundation, begins its trainings in locations allocated by Beşiktaş Municipality.
Dreams Academy, an international social responsibility project which provides free arts and culture education to disabled and socially disadvantaged young people by educators who are expert in their fields, offers vocal, rhythm, dance, film, photography, DJ, instrument, painting, design and drama workshops.

The aim of the academy is to help disabled people acquire competency in their own branches to be able to find employment upon completing their workshop trainings.

The art world is looking for its real stars
Workshops are free at the Dreams Academy, which is a brand new career journey for disadvantaged youth. At the end of the workshops, young people who have demonstrated outstanding achievement will also be supported in transitioning into a professional artistic life.

The “Open Door” day provides the opportunity to get to know the academy and instructors and make an application.
Applications to the Academy are made with the forms to be completed on the www.duslerakademisi.org website. However, it is also possible to apply on the “Open Door” day.
The project team declared Saturday, November 15th as “Open Door” day and provided another opportunity for young people who would like to obtain detailed information on the academy, visit the workshop locations, meet the expert instructors and make an application.

About Dreams Academy:

Dreams Academy is the first model application of the universal design for all period in Turkey. The primary aim of the Academy has been defined as generating and implementing serious and permanent solutions to eliminate the enormous gap between the current position of our disabled people and the position they should be in. Other objectives of Dreams Academy can be listed as follows:

“To ensure that disadvantaged people can pursue their relationships equally with their environments by using their acquired abilities in the social environment they live in and thereby, to improve the self-confidence of the individuals,
To contribute to ensure cultural integration, social rehabilitation and equal opportunities among disadvantaged groups,
To introduce the public to civil society consciousness and the concept of volunteering;
To create a natural education environment that contributes to personal development of young people by allowing the development of values such as sharing, recognizing-accepting differences, adapting to diversities, problem solving, and being productive and creative,
To remove the barriers in front of alternative, creative and productive spirits,
To generate and implement alternative solutions for the spiral “Unhealthy Society - Unhealthy Individual” which arises from factors such as sub-culture, arabesque way of thinking, corruption, laziness, ignorance and alcohol-smoking addiction,
To ensure that a new, dynamic strength, which will be able to eliminate cultural corruption, can be formed,
To introduce universal social values to young people who struggle with anxieties and problems of life,
To support social ability and solidarity; and to support them in developing characteristics of being a ‘world citizen’ with high values.”

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