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DA Film Production

  • DA Film Production

One of the a sub-projects of Dreams Academy, DA Film Production whose aim is to offer an opportunity to disabled people for participating in the society  was formed in 2012 with the help of volunteers and disabled individuals.

DA Film Production team works with a professional manner. In the team people with hearing impairment and physical disadvantage collaborates with professional volunteers.

.DA Film Production and Post Production services include video, commercial, concert and library shoots, trailer, documentary, short movie making, organizations (seminars, symposiums, training) also catalog, product, brochure design, intercompany organizations (seminars, symposiums, training), concert photographing and graphic design of the all presswork.




Dreams Academy


  • The Golden Compass Competition application movie
  • Toy Museum and Textile Business syndicate- TOYCO Projesi Esma Sultan Yalısı Daveti Social Inclusion Band concert shooting
  • The shooting of the performs of Social Inclusion Band at Bostancı Show center (Gösteri Merkezi) , Ghetto , Bronx , Roxy , Babylon
  • Social Inclusion Band KKTC(Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) tour Documentary shooting.



•    Presentation Movie for Dreams Academy project, national and international awards for social resposibility(2011)

•   Trailer for Vodafone Gönülden Ödüller (vodafone volunteer price) competition (2012)

Koç Holding

•   Within the framework of the project 'Ülkem İçin Engel Tanımıyorum’ (No Barriers for My Country) “Right Approach towards Disability” themed trailer

YASED (Uluslararası Yatırımcılar Derneği)

•    Koza project trailer


More Team 

•    Akmerkez Shopping Fest. Shooting

•    Akmerkez Summer Party

•    Akbatı Shopping Fest. Shooting

•    Akbatı first Anniversary celebrations

•    Akbatı Architectural Project Competition Photographing