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I came across the Dreams Academy by chance; firstly I met with Ercan, then Esra, Buket, Adem, Zübeyde, Koray and Tanyel. Together we started a great project which has ‘sea’ in it, we shared and spread it. We touched each other’s lives, we had a great joy. This was obvious from our eyes, we felt it. I say I’m happy to know this place, I’m sure many people share the same idea for the Dreams Academy like me. We are happy for being a part of it. (

Ahmet Mete

It is said that people with disabilities form 12% of the population. This is considerably a high rate. In other words, there must be at least 4 disabled people out of 40 people in a class. Or we see 10 disabled people out of 100 people in the bus we get on. But this is not the case. Why? Unfortunately, disabled people neither leave their houses nor take advantage of transportation services. As these are not provided, they cannot participate in education and cannot be hired, work and earn.

Hansın Doğan, UNDP Proje Yöneticisi

Cities are ruled with and by their whole population. We are involved in this project to add people with disabilities into this governing, help them to reveal and share their cultural and artistic talents and make them lead the society.

İsmail Ünal, Beşiktaş Belediye Başkanı

As a volunteer, student relative and student myself, I know and observe that the education provided by the Dreams Academy is quite effective. All the students are provided with the interest they deserve and appreciated greatly. As a result of this, their success makes us really happy.

Perihan Yazgan, Öğrenci Yakını ve Akademi Gönüllüsü

Hello my name is Sefa Karapınar. I'm 24 and have hearing loss. I can partially hear and talk so I say hello to anyone :) I joined movie training at the Dreams Academy after completing my education on the Production and Movie Directorship at Plato Film. There was a vivid atmosphere for me. Workshops and short movie shootings were great joy for me. Everything I learnt was great. I thank all volunteers, educators, Dreams Academy staff and all other people supporting us so much for their help and contribution to this project. We are all like a part of a movie :)

Sefa Karapınar, Film Atölyesi Öğrencisi

Hello to those who removes the barriers in dreams.. We all had dreams which weren't likely to come true for us... Our hopelessness lasted until we met the Dreams Academy. We had a chance to say “we are also here, we can produce, we are a part of this society, and we can succeed too.” We had this belief, thanks to Dreams Academy. We removed

Zafer Akman, Fotoğraf Atölyesi Öğrencisi