Heard not will not be an excuse!

Heard not will not be an excuse!

Heard not will not be an excuse!

We asked a question to the 18 pioneers of artistic world:

: If you had a chance to design your own headphone, how would it be?

By getting involved in the project, People who are all precious, from music, theater, fashion and design worlds shared the headphones of their dreams.

 Thanks to Philips’s “You should hear this” project, the answers of our artists became true. With the help of students (in collaboration with faculty members) from department of fine arts, Kemerburgaz University, designs colored by the dreams of our artists become alive with Philips headphone.

Only two headphones for each design were produced.

One of each headphone will be given to the relevant artist as a gift, and the other one will be sold at auction at www.gittigidiyor.com between the dates 19-27 December.

. At the end of this process the revenue acquired from the sales of the designs of 18 artists, will be donated to Dreams Academy, providing training opportunities in different fields of art for disabled and socially disadvantaged people.

And these donations will be used for the music workshops in the Dreams Academy.